It was me and him. Just me and him.
It has been one of the most intense moments of my young life.
It was our time. The time to show everyone that, although the difficulties, the distance and the differences between us, feelings always win.

No. I have never been the “super-romantic-person” of the situation, in fact!
I didn’t even know what “being romantic” meant, until I met him.
I’ve always thought it was something for weak people. For those people that are not able show their feelings with little gestures, since small acts are considered as banal and obvious things. For those people who love to be blatant. For those who want to show to the world how fabulous is their (obviously) imperfect relationship, which seems to be taken out from a love story.
But I never really cared to prove to the world how and how much I can love someone.

Love is a private sphere of our lives. It is not fair that everybody can have free access to it!
It is something that you should live deeply, in your soul. With small things. Starting with a hello-kiss in the morning, going through arguments and compliments throughout the day, until you both will lay down in bed, next to each other, ready to make love until the sun will rise up again.

What is the reason of being romantic, every single day? What is that for?

There will be days where a couple will fill with gloom, due to the ire of the lovers.
There will be other days where the same couple will tremble, as soon as the two bodies will get in touch, running wild.
There will be dark moments. But they will be wiped away, as the ashes to the wind, by every single moment of joy and peace.

Even more than “romance”, we all should start respecting the differences of each other.
We should face the truth: the other half… Does not exist!
It really doesn’t exist.

Obviously, there are people that make you feel good, and others that make you feel awful.
Too bad, in a relationship, you live with someone that can send you in Heaven with a kiss, but also to Hell… In no time!
Thus, I am starting to believe that Purgatory is the best place to meet up!

And I am definitely in Purgatory. With him.

We are two lovers that give in to the pleasure of the flesh, after they ripped off their clothes off in a quarrel.
We’re so different, that people think we are like “water and fire”. But I do not really like that metaphor. Water tends “to kill” the Fire.
I prefer to imagine it as the Sea and the Cliff. Like a wave that crushes into the rocks, but the rocks will stand still. They will push back to its place the wave, that dared to challenge the Cliff. Into the sea. And, after all, the Cliff is still there. It fights against the waves. But it doesn’t go away from the Sea. Although they are so different, they both brave the storm. Always together.

That’s the way I feel with him: today, I am his Rock; tomorrow, I will be his Sea.

Every moment we spend together…is intense.
Every day I am away from him…is intense.
Every touch, every look, every kiss is intense.

HE is intense.

Or simply…
Love is Intense.





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