That wild desire…

It may be this place.
Or maybe the pure and fresh air.
Probably, it is just the inner peace that this forest inspires.

The light breaks through the trees and it feels like every single ray of sun kisses my skin. I just had a craving to get lost in that forest. Get lost in a timeless place where men did not place their will over the Nature. A place where there is no law. Only instincts.

Too often we forget we belong to the animal genus. That we belong to Nature.
We think we can control everything around us. Humans have the presumption of feeling superior to anything else, even to other men.

I wanted to get lost in that fairy tale, to find out who I really am.

I leave a trail of clothes, behind me. I notice a lake and I am so charmed by that body of water. I dive into its warm waters without hesitation and let every single part of my body be pervaded by that warmth.

That’s where Life was born. Water.

In the morning, my water broke and I was in labour. Yes… I was almost ready to give birth to a child. I thought this was the perfect occasion to rediscover the origins of the human beings.

I was not even realizing how much that place, that water and that warmth made my labour an easier experience. I was a couple of breaths away from being a Mother. And few moments later, I would have felt one of the strongest emotions that Nature can give you.

I hold my baby in my arms. I am ravished by the smell of his little body.

I regain consciousness, observing the ray of lights breaking into the dark room.

It was a dream…
…But it was reality.





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